OpenBSD Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is supplemental documentation to the man pages, which are available both in the installed system and online. It covers the latest release of OpenBSD. There are likely new features and changes in the development version of OpenBSD (-current) that are not covered in the FAQ.

Quick Links:

Upgrade Guide: 5.8 to 5.9 Following -current
Porter's Handbook Port Testing Guide
Manual Pages Bug Reporting
Mailing Lists PF User's Guide

Introduction to OpenBSD

Getting to Know OpenBSD

Getting Started with OpenBSD

OpenBSD Installation Guide

Building the System from Source


Keyboard and Display Controls

General Questions

Migrating to OpenBSD

System Management

The X Window System


Disk Setup

Packages and Ports

PF User's Guide

Past contributors to the FAQ include Nick Holland, Steven Mestdagh, Joel Knight, Eric Jackson, Wim Vandeputte and Chris Cappuccio.

Questions and comments regarding this FAQ may be directed to General questions about OpenBSD should be directed to the appropriate mailing list.

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